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TVTEL 240 Long Hooded-Surface Panel + Video + Proximity Access Control, mounted upon a Car-height Post

TVTEL 240 Hooded-Surface Panel with integral Camera & Proximity Access Control, mounted upon a Car-height Post

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12 months
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TVTEL 240 Long Hooded-Surface Panel + Video + Proximity Access Control, mounted upon a Car-height Post

BS316 grade s.steel anti-vandal.



The TVTEL 240 range can store in its memory up to 240no different entries (1no telephone number per entry) or, 120no different entries (2no telephone numbers per entry) at any one time. For residential installations, we recommend that it is always used in 120 mode.

To call a flat, visitors enter the flat number directly onto the keypad, for example: 14 to call flat 14. If the flats numbers in a particular block are, for example, 212 – 290, the visitor would enter 225 to call flat 225. In every case, the panel is engraved accordingly.

As with all TVTEL products, the TVTEL 240 also provides visitors and residents with real-time audio reassurance messages to facilitate the entry process.

TVTEL 240 range visitor panel with:
• High-quality Car-height Post.
• Software compliant proximity reader
• Anti-vandal day/night camera
• Keypad for calling and access control
• Audio reassurance messaging for visitor and resident.
• Time, day, date programmable trades facilities via dedicated button.
• Free issue TVTEL® software.
• Ability to add additional modules as needed


Post Dimensions - Ref: POSTC

Dimensions of Base

Height from Base to Centre of Mounting Plate








Panel Dimensions - Ref: 4HSL



Depth (bottom)

Depth (top)







Car height Post
Car-height Post

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TVTEL 240 Long Hooded-surface mounted Panel with integral anti-vandal day/night camera & Proximity key-fob reader
TVTEL 240 Long Hooded-Surface Mounted Panel + Video + Proximity Access Control

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Van Height Post
Van-height Post

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Lorry Height Post
Lorry-height Post

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Car & Lorry Height Post
Car & Lorry Height Post

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