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TVTEL 2K Flush-Flanged Panel + Paxton Proximity Reader + Key-Overide Switch Module

TVTEL 2K Flush-Flanged Panel + Paxton Proximity Reader + Key-Overide Switch Module

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TVTEL 2K Flush-Flanged Panel + Paxton Proximity Reader + Key-Overide Switch Module

BS316 grade s.steel anti-vandal.


The TVTEL 2K range is the most important part of the TVTEL family of products. It is our insurance policy as it can provide a solution to even the most demanding of door entry requirements. It can store in its memory up to 2000no different entries at any one time and has a large display complete with scroll buttons which provides real-time information and guidance to visitors. 

As with all TVTEL products it also provides visitors and residents with real-time audio reassurance messages to facilitate the entry process. 

We use the TVTEL 2K range whenever there are a large number of flats, houses, business units, student or hotel rooms that need to be called or, the postal numbering of the flats and houses is potentially confusing for visitors. 

For example, the TVTEL 2K might be controlling a pedestrian gate into a development where there are 3no blocks of flats each of which has a flat number 1, 2, 3 etc. Or, the flat numbers in a particular block might include a 14C and the penthouses might only have names and not numbers.

Importantly, the TVTEL 2K can control up to 16no additional proximity reader and/or radio receiver access controlled doors, gates and barriers (max 8 zones) using a CAT5E shielded cable (RS485) network. This means that all of the additional access controlled doors, gates etc are network integrated and, therefore, remotely programmable which is an enormous security advantage because you can add/delete proximity keys and/or radio transmitters from any door or gate via simple telephony dial-up from anywhere in the world. 
TVTEL 2K range visitor panel with:
• Back-lit scroll name/information display plus bell call.
• Paxton proximity reader
• Key-Overide switch
• Integrated Speed Dial
• Keypad for calling and access control.
• Dedicated 'Concierge' button
• 1 -2000 Storage Capacity
• Audio and visual reassurance messaging for visitor and resident.
• Time, day, date programmable trades facilities via button and/or keypad code(s).
• Free issue TVTEL® software.
• Ability to add additional modules as needed


Dimensions - Ref: 2K/FVM

Embedding Box Cut Out Size

Facia with Flange











T-RS485 controller complete with 12VDC/1Amp PSU
T-RS485 controller complete with 12VDC/1Amp PSU

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T-RS485 controller
T-RS485 controller

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