• Frequent hand-washing whenever possible
  • Where hands cannot be washed, use of anti-bacterial gel. Given that anti-bac gel is in very short supply nationally, antibacterial wipes can be used as an equally effective alternative
  • Refrain from touching your eyes, mouth or face

Customer Services

The call centre have started screening customers to ask if anyone in the residence is self-isolating, have contracted, or are showing symptoms of Coronavirus/COVID-19. If there are reports of such residents then an assessment will be made on the actions which need to be taken.

Attending Properties

Attending engineers are to request verbal confirmation of whether any residents are in self-isolation, have contracted or are showing symptoms of Coronavirus/COVID-19 prior to entering the property.

This is in line with guidance provided by Public Health England – https://111.nhs.uk/covid-19.

If an operative enters the property, but then aborts due to concerns that someone in the property is in self-isolating, contracted or showing symptoms of Coronavirus/COVID-19, the incident must be reported to their line manager.

Entering Properties with Risk of COVID-19 Exposure

NACD will not permit access to any property inhabited by persons who are in self-isolation, have contracted or are showing symptoms of Coronavirus/COVID-19.

Staff Sickness

Reports of early symptoms, self-isolation, or confirmed cases of Coronavirus/COVID-19 must be immediately escalated to the employee’s line manager, who in turn will notify senior management.

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