Proximity key and radio transmitter cloning, don’t let it also be your problem !

Access Control Fobs are being copied far too often!

Proximity key fob cloning is happening everywhere. You need a written guarantee that confirms the access control system installed 100% prevents entry into the building using duplicates of any original proximity key issued to residents.

Proximity key fobs are to be MIFARE 13.56MHz technology, or equal / higher security to reduce the risk of unauthorised copying or cloning. Older technology proximity key fobs, for example 125kHz and 153kHz are no longer acceptable. Proximity key fobs and radio transmitters must be robust and each to have a factory engraved visible unique ID number to facilitate control of the system by management and residents. Radio transmitters for vehicle entrances must also incorporate the rolling code security feature.


Does your access control system protect your building and its residents ?

If it can be cloned then why would you install it ?

If a proximity key can be cloned, then why is it being sold? Why would anybody install a system knowing that the proximity keys can be duplicated ?

Written confirmation is required from the security specialist of the technology type of both the proximity key fobs and radio transmitters (credentials) proposed, their security encryption level and other measures taken to protect against unauthorised access using copied/cloned/forged credentials. The security installer/manufacturer must also, in addition to the above, confirm in writing that the security encryption of all the credentials provided meet all the requirements of Secured By Design and the National Security Inspectorate.