EX-MHF-PL Handsfree Double Pole Push To Exit

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We are all being made aware of the importance of Social Distancing and the need to avoid as much physical contact with our colleagues and our environment as possible to reduce the spread of Covid 19.

The advice from the Government and the Medical Professionals is clear that we must achieve these goals if we are to mitigate, and finally overcome, our current problems.

Entering and leaving buildings involves an obvious, and to some extent unavoidable, risk of contamination and passing on the virus.

To help our customers, and the residents of the developments where we have installed Door Entry and Access Control systems, NACD has developed a completely Contactless means of releasing a controlled door.

Your residents no longer have to push a button or touch a pad – for both standard “Push to Exit” buttons and “Emergency Break Glasses” we can now offer completely contactless solutions.

While there are similar products available that offer contactless exit buttons, they are mostly single pole convenience devices with a handsfree option only.

Our solution is a combination of the handsfree option while retaining the mechanical double pole push to exit button.

This is a vital safety element in case the handsfree sensors fail to operate. This will ensure that the residents do not get locked in or have to activate the break glass unit to exit the building.