People Flow Camera Control

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are having to comply with Government guidance and Social Distancing restrictions to control the number of visitors entering their facility.

People Flow Control Technology is an innovative solution that is designed to count the number of visitors and analyse the flow of people entering a building.

This reduces the amount of social interaction and decreases the risk of cross-contamination to members of the public.

People Flow Control Technology has been installed in the following sectors:

Health Care facilities
Shopping centres
Sports centres and health clubs
Train Stations

Using a People Counting Camera, the system can analyse how many people are inside an area and allows you to display numbers in real-time and can link with digital signage.

The system can integrate with electronic sliding doors, automatically controlling them once the number of people has reached the store or building’s capacity. The system can also link with a traffic light system or using audio and visual verification to notify staff as well as the public when the premises are full.

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