Features & Benefits

  • GPRS/3G Real Time Communications – with roaming network provider and signal monitoring, enabling better coverage and reliability.
  • Area & Group Configuration – simplifying how systems are managed by allowing housing blocks/estates/user groups etc. To be administered collectively.
  • Pre-programmed Fobs – enabling new or replacement fobs to be simply assigned.
  • Universal Search Bar – intuitive management of resident and staff/contractor fobs, with search as you type feature.
  • Activity/Alarm Monitoring – both user events and system alarms (i.e. door forced/left open) can be reported with the option of predetermined alerts being sent out using SMS or email.
  • Custom Reports – fobs usage and absconsion reports available in SimpleKey Web.
  • Cloud Based Administration – specifically designed for housing.
  • Any Web-Enabled Device – designed to be used with smartphones and tablets as well as conventional PC’s.
  • Mapping – block locations and addresses can be displayed on an interactive map, providing a graphical overview of your system.