Register Telephone Numbers

Please be careful to use the correct Registration Form.

Use IPGUARD Form for all post 2018 buildings equipped with IPGUARD 4G/IP/GSM (APP based) Smart Visitor Panels.
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Having problems using the IPGUARD APP, please click here

Use TVTEL Form – older systems (No APP)  – if you press the 0 button to open the door from your phone.
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Your proximity keyfob can be green or blue – but if blue your system is definitely TVTEL.

We will do our best to add / amend your registration details as quickly as possible. Please, however, allow a period of two working days from submission of Registration Form.

You can easily check the status of your registration at the Visitor Entry Panel itself.

Any issues, please email Thank you.

Still not sure ?

To help identify, click here to see pictures of IPGUARD & TVTEL panels or ask your neighbours.