1. NACD is an approved installation partner for TetherX and TetherBox to Tether your video surveillance, alarm panels, network infrastructure and other IP or Serial devices to the Cloud.
  • TetherX is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) that brings all video surveillance devices into a single dashboard. TetherX revolutionises your physical security operations, adds peace of mind that everything is working and saves significant time responding to alarm events and finding critical evidence. TetherX injests information from all IP and serial devices and allows sifting through hundreds of terabytes of information in seconds.


  • The TetherBox offers a comprehensive solution to “Tether” all your sites and video surveillance devices to the Cloud. It functions as the glue that connects everything together. You can perform advanced searches across all sites for the entire month. Searches that could take days or weeks to perform are done in a matter of seconds.

If you would like to discuss how NACD can install & maintain Tether X systems to suit your requirements, please email:  cctv@nacd.co.uk.

For tender pricing, please email:  estimating@nacd.co.uk

Product range: https://www.tetherit.io/tetherbox


ONVIF (Open Protocol Video Interface) compliant.