TVTEL® 2K – Analogue Telephone Entry System

The TVTEL® 2K range is the most important part of the TVTEL® family of products. It is our insurance policy as it can provide a solution to even the most demanding of door entry requirements. It can store in its memory up to 2000no different entries at any one time and has a large display complete with scroll buttons which provides real-time information and guidance to visitors.

TVTEL® 2K range visitor panel with:
• Back-lit scroll name/information display plus bell call.
• Integrated Speed Dial
• Software compliant proximity reader
• Keypad for calling and access control.
• 1 -2000 Storage Capacity
• Audio and visual reassurance messaging for visitor and resident.
• Time, day, date programmable trades facilities via keypad code(s).
When visitors press a button to call a resident from the TVTEL® telephone door entry panel, the system simply speed dials the pre-programmed telephone numbers.
Residents answer on their normal telephones – landline, cordless, mobile and PAYG. To open the door or gate for their visitor, the resident simply presses the 0 button on the handset. It could not be simpler.
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