TVTEL® 120D – Analogue Telephone Entry System

The TVTEL 120D range can store in its memory up to 120no different entries at any one time and has a 2 line display complete with scroll buttons. It provides visitors and residents with real-time audio and visual reassurance messages to facilitate the entry process.
The TVTEL 120D range is the product of choice when flat or house numbering is complicated ie names, non sequential numbers etc.

TVTEL 120D range visitor panel with:
• Back-lit scroll name/information display plus bell call.
• Integrated Speed Dial
• Anti-vandal day/night camera
• Software compliant proximity reader
• Audio and visual reassurance messaging for visitor and resident.
• Time, day, date programmable trades facilities via button and/or keypad code(s).
When visitors press a button to call a resident from the TVTEL® telephone door entry panel, the system simply speed dials the pre-programmed telephone numbers.
Residents answer on their normal telephones – landline, cordless, mobile and PAYG. To open the door or gate for their visitor, the resident simply presses the 0 button on the handset. It really could not be simpler.
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