IPGUARD PRO® 4G/IP Smart Visitor Door Entry

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 Residents use devices selected by themselves

  • Residents are called on their own communication devices; landline, mobiles, smart phones, iPad’s and tablets.
  • IPGUARD® 4G/IP constantly improves offering more features because its software is remotely updated.

Contactable even when not at home

  • You are always contactable if you want to be.
  • Picture of all visitors who called you with date/time stamp sent to your smart phone/device including missed/nuisance calls.

Equality Act 2010 Compliant

Automatic Call-Transfer, Multi-Share

  • Up to three telephone numbers per dwelling.
  • If there is no answer, the call is declined or you are already on the phone, the call will forward to the next desired number.
  • Family simultaneous multi-share calling (coming shortly)..


IPGUARD visitor door entry for residential and commercial properties is the latest of NACD products. This cutting-edge technology provides users with an efficient way to allow visitors inside their properties.


IPGUARD ® 4G/IP visitor door entry has unlimited call capacity.Whether it is servicing a small block of flats, or a very large and complex residential development, or vehicle entrances serving gated communities, and/or entrances calling mixed residential and commercial premises, the same IPGUARD ® panel does it all. It even has search functions and any flat number, name/descriptive can be programmed into the display.

Residents with iPhone/Android smartphones, iPad or tablet simply download the free IPGUARD ® visitor door entry APP to receive real-time video calls from the IPGUARD ® panel. All non-smart phones & landlines will receive an audio call from the IPGUARD ® panel and can open the door by pressing the 5 button. Simply register your details with NACD to use this service in your development.

THE App provides an environment to view visitor history, video messages and real-time images of visitor calls.

IPGUARD is also fully compliant with the 2010 Equality Act , perfect for the elderly and persons with disabilities.


IPGUARD links fully with our BATICONNECT CLOUD system. Providing you with the ability to program and manage residents details through a flexible multi-manager system:

  • Programming authorisation levels.
  • Transfer accounts, amend who controls which sites.




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