IPGUARD PRO 4G/IP/GSM Smart Visitor Door Entry

The new normal.

Visitor video calls from the IPGUARD panel on the entrance door(s) to your building go straight to your Apple / Samsung smart phone(s) and iPad(s), tablet(s) etc.

Download the free IPGUARD APP from the Apple or Google store. Set it to automatically download APP updates as they are released.

More features added every few months.

It really is that simple.

  • Video call comes through to you wherever you are.
  • Picture log of all visitors with date/time stamp including missed/nuisance calls.
  • Log of all opening authorisations.


IPGUARD® is simply smart phone technology installed at an entrance door enabling communication from the visitor to the flat or business they want to visit.

Residents simply download the free IPGUARD App onto their Apple (iOS) or Samsung (Android) smart phones, iPads, tablets, any mix.


Up to 3000 flats, businesses or mix can be serviced per IPGUARD panel. There are no system devices (wall mounted monitors etc) to break or to maintain because they do not exist. The video call seamlessly connects to smart devices wherever they may be via the most efficient communications platform available at any moment in time – so 4G if you are walking down the street, or IP (WIFI) when sitting at home or connected to the Starbucks WIFI.

Each flat can register up to 3no mobile telephone numbers. No answer from the 1st smart phone then the call auto-forwards to the 2nd then the 3rd in the priority sequence.

Use the family feature to enable simultaneous calling of the different smart phone telephone numbers.

Mobile access on the App allows you to connect directly to the IPGUARD panel and open the door – especially useful when you have forgotten your keys.

Check the call-log history to see pictures of all visitors.

More features added automatically every few months because your IPGUARD App is regularly updated with new releases.




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