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Program all systems; panels, readers, access fobs and transmitters from anywhere !

  • Programming without software, via your web browser
  • Real-time updates
  • Modern and easy to use
  • Access right profiles
  • Choose means of access (proximity keyfob, radio transmitter, keypad code, telephone access)
  • Flexible multi-manager administration gives access to all sites authorised to you.

BATICONNECT CLOUD… even has anti-clone technology to protect against entry using cloned proximity keys and/or radio transmitters (access passes / credentials)…and it logs and alerts you when this is attempted.

Program different access rights to fobs; Date period validity, Time zone validity and Door validity.

  • Program Authorisation levels
    • Set programming level rights according to requirements for different facilities i.e. “Management”, “Service”, “Concierge” etc…
  • Transfer Accounts, amend who controls which sites
    • Management and service companies change. There may be numerous different contractors on a particular site. Ownership and responsibility for blocks / cores on a site are often mixed.