IPGUARD MINI® 4G/IP Smart Visitor Door Entry

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Residents use devices selected by themselves

  • Residents are called on their own communication devices; landline, mobiles, smart phones, iPad’s and tablets.
  • IPGUARD® 4G/IP constantly improves offering more features because its software is remotely updated.

Contactable even when not at home

  • You are always contactable if you want to be.
  • Picture of all visitors who called you with date/time stamp sent to your smart phone/device including missed/nuisance calls.

Equality Act 2010 Compliant

Automatic Call-Transfer, Multi-Share

  • Up to three telephone numbers per dwelling.
  • If there is no answer, the call is declined or you are already on the phone, the call will forward to the next desired number.
  • Family simultaneous multi-share calling (coming shortly)..